Bird proofing your solar panels

Did you know that bird droppings can dramatically decrease the performance of your solar panels? Keeping your solar panels clean is essential for optimal performance. While some dirt will naturally be blown off by the wind, it's important to regularly remove any remaining debris. A simple spray with water and a quick wipe down can do the trick. Bird droppings however, can present an on-going challenge.

To ensure that your solar panels continue to provide the maximum benefits, it's crucial to take care of them properly. Installing solar panel bird netting is one effective way to protect your panels. Birds often build their nests under solar panels, taking advantage of the roof anchors and warmth. This in-turn means that birds will leave droppings or other debris that hinder the effectiveness of your solar system and intefer with your electrical wiring.

More birds under the solar panels mean more birds on top of your solar panels. Bird droppings on your solar panels look terrible and become hard to remove, especially if baked by the sun. These stains can eventually cause your solar panels to stop working.

The benefits of solar can quickly fade if you do not adequately care for your solar panels

Installing solar panel bird mesh will prevent birds nesting under and around your solar panels, largely eliminating the problem of excessive bird droppings which help your solar panels to operate efficiently. The benefits of solar panels can quickly fade if you do not adequately care for your solar panels.

Solar bird netting helps keep your panels in top condition

A good solar panel bird proofing system does the following:

  • Prevents birds, possums and other pests gaining access under your panels
  • Stops build up of leaf litter and bird droppings
  • Protects delicate electrical wiring
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Is almost invisible from the ground
  • Available for most types of roofing material
  • Helps to keep your panels working at their optimal performance

Use a professional solar panel bird netting installer

Ensure the optimal cleanliness of your solar panels by hiring a professional team that specialises in installing solar panel bird netting. Climbing and working on a pitched roof without proper knowledge can be dangerous and costly. The Gutter Cleaning Co specialises in cleaning your solar panels and installing bird netting. Get in touch for a free quote today!

Bird netting installed on a pitched roof solar panel installation
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